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Are you a jeweler or a diamond trader?

Liquid Diamonds helps wholesale diamond buyers to identify and harvest the best deals in the market from hundreds of accredited suppliers. Using our reverse auction technology, you get the best price and using our escrow service, we ensure the diamond passes your inspection criteria before the supplier gets paid.

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Are you a diamond manufacturer?

Get visibility of demands in the market and sell your diamonds quickly and easily at fair market value. Get bids on your items matching demands.

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Invest in the $50 billion diamond market

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Our Features

Double Auction

Put sellers into open competition with each other


Enter your demands and find best value stones before other people

Data analysis and predicive analysis

Predictive Analysis

Gain key future insights and source the right diamonds at the right time

We act as an escrow for the deals on the exchange

Escrow Service

Single payment and shipment for your demand fulfillment