About Us

Our mission is to bring price transparency and liquidity to diamonds, thereby democratizing the diamond market.

Our History

Founded in 2017, Liquid Diamonds is a New York-based technology startup in the diamond industry that offers a B2B sourcing platform for diamond and jewelry businesses. The platform is powered by a patented Reverse Auction system that enables diamond buyers to get the best prices on diamonds by having hundreds of suppliers around the world compete for their demands.

Our mission is to bring price transparency and liquidity to diamonds to enable diamond buyers to buy quickly and easily at fair market value and suppliers to liquidate their inventory instantly. Our vision is to democratize the diamond market! 

Liquid Diamonds is founded by a team that combines their deep family connections in the diamond industry with their technology backgrounds to revolutionize the industry. Liquid Diamonds founding team comprises of Computer Science graduates from the University of Virginia, University of California and Indian Institute of Technology. They have a deep understanding of diamonds due to a 50+ year family heritage in the diamond business. Prior to Liquid Diamonds, the founders ran a software business that helped 150 diamond and jewelry companies across 14 countries with POS, ERP and E-Commerce solutions. They have worked in several fields including game development, data and analytics and fault tolerant computing with 13 patents in 5 subject areas including the patented reverse auction technology used to power Liquid Diamonds platform.

In 2019, Liquid Diamonds raised a round of funding from jewelry industry insiders and from Techstars - a venture capital firm based in Colorado, following which, we went through their accelerator program. More recently, Liquid Diamonds raised another round of funding from led by the New York Angels. Donna Redel, an early investor in Liquid Diamonds, has now joined the company's board of directors.

Our Leadership

Kashyap Mehta

Chetan Gupta

Mark Molloy
Chief Architect

Kaushik Mehta
Board Member

Donna Redel
Board Member

Our Investors

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Our offerings revolve around helping wholesale diamond buyers and jewelry retailers to source the right diamonds at the right time at the best possible price. We combine our technology offerings with a human touch via our white glove service.

Sustainability and Ethical Practices

Liquid Diamonds is committed to adhere towards social and environmentally responsible business practices, including buying and selling of goods that are sourced responsibly and are conflict-free. All suppliers and buyers on our platform have been verified via a detailed KYC and AML process and are required to give assurances to ensure compliance to Kimberly Process. We supply to several certified members of the Responsible Jewellery Council (RJC) and therefore adhere to very stringent rules in sustainability and ethics.

Our Offices


529 Fifth Avenue,
18th Floor,
New York NY 10017


507 Keshava Building,
BKC, Bandra East,
Mumbai 400051