Our Technology

Join diamond and jewelry businesses empowering their diamond buying teams with technology and data.

For Jewelry Retailers

Reverse Auction

Hundreds of diamond suppliers around the world compete with each other to fulfill your demand via a patented Reverse Auction system - enabling you to get the best prices in the market.

White Glove Service

We combine our technology with human touch by way of our White Globe Service. Our team works with you to:

- Understand your diamond requirements
- Physical inspection based on your QC criteria
- Single Window for Shipment and Returns in NYC
- Customer Service

For Diamond Wholesalers

Data Driven Insights

Our platform scours hundreds of diamond suppliers in the market all-day every day to get you the best deals on diamonds. Get personalized recommendations of stones to buy and get notified before anyone else does.

Pricing Co-pilot

Increase turn on your inventory by staying on top of your competition at all times. We monitor how you rank based on your competition on different platforms and movement of stones in the market.

White Glove Service

We work with you to understand your buying patterns, preferences and inspection criteria's. Our White Glove Service provides you with personalized recommendations and based on your selections, our team physically inspects each diamond based on your QC criteria. Finally, we provide a single window service for payment, shipment and delivery.

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With our revolutionary Reverse Auction PlatformTM and Data Driven DiamondsTM, ensure smooth end to end buying of quality stones at best prices. A quick 2-minute registration will get you started or connect with us to know more.