Liquid Diamonds for

Jewelry Retailers

Get the best prices on diamonds using technology and data.

How it works?

Our revolutionary technology enables you to source diamonds at the best prices in the market. 


Send us your demands

Using our White Glove Service, you can send in all your diamond requirements. We study your demands and QC parameters and create ‘Demands’ on the Liquid Diamonds platform for you. 


Suppliers Compete

Using our patented Reverse Auction system, bids are sent to hundreds of diamond suppliers around the world who compete with each other to fulfill your demand - enabling you to get the best prices in the market!


QC and Final Selection

Our diamond experts physically inspect each diamond based on your QC parameters, give you a third-party opinion on the stones and send across the best deals for your approval.


Aggregated Shipment

All purchases are aggregated into a single shipment to you regardless of how many suppliers fulfilled your demand or where the suppliers are located. We take care of all supplier payments and procurement processes.


Returns & customers service

Returns can be made to our office in New York, and we have our concierge service that is always available to support you. 


Save money

Hundreds of global suppliers compete to give you the best price for your diamond purchase.

Inspection & Quality Control

We combine human touch with our technology. A third-party inspection team ensures all diamonds pass QC parameters set by you.

Know your Market

We are essentially your eyes and ears overseas, with data and trends that allow you to optimize your diamond sourcing.

Buy anonymously

If suppliers know who is buying and what they are buying, they may not give you their best prices. Get fair market value without disclosing your identity.

One-stop shop in NY

We serve as the single point of delivery and returns for all the diamonds regardless of how many suppliers fulfilled your order. Returns are accepted in NY regardless of the location of the suppliers.


Mounted Programs.


Get the best deals not just on loose diamonds but also on your Diamond Studs, Pendants, Bracelets and Bridal from Liquid Diamonds. As you know, 90% value in this jewelry comes from diamonds. We use our patented reverse auction technology to get the best deals on diamonds and then set the diamonds on mounts selected by you.

Get your business supercharged with Liquid Diamonds' tools today!

Revolutionary tools like Reverse AuctionTM and our best-in-class White Glove Services will ensure smooth end-to-end buying of quality stones at best prices. A quick 2-minute registration will get you started. Or, connect with us to know more details.