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Discover the best deals in the market using technology and data.

How it works? : Discover the Best Deals

Our best in class analytics allows you to source diamonds groups catering to your business and inventory


Your Tastes and Preferences

We work with you to understand your buying patterns, preferences and inspection criteria. Our White Glove Service provides you personalized analysis of your inventory.


Personalized Recommendation Engine

Based on your preferences, our platform scours the market 24x7 for the best opportunities from hundreds of small and medium suppliers. You get personalized notifications before anyone else does when new stones/deals come into the market.


Buying in Groups

Since our platform anonymizes buyer information you can join other diamond wholesalers when they buy large volumes from suppliers enabling a group discount for all.


Selection, Inspection and Quality Control

Once stones are shortlisted, the Liquid Diamonds team inspects the diamonds (currently only in India or the US) and gives you independent feedback on the stones based on your criteria.


Single Window Service

Purchases are aggregated into a single shipment to you regardless of how many suppliers fulfilled your demand. We take care of all supplier payments and procurement processes.

Pricing Co-Pilot

Use our Pricing Co-Pilot to ensure you stay on top of your competition helping you increase turn on your diamond inventory.


- Price change visualization.

- Filter criteria expansion highlight.

- Smooth multi-sort data fetching.

- Market stone availability tracking.


Discover the Best Deals

Our platform scours hundreds of small and medium global suppliers to find you the best deals.

Increase Liquidity

Ensure you are buying the fastest turning categories in the market with the highest margins to get the best ROI on your capital.

Inspection & Quality controls

Our diamond experts physically inspect each diamond based on your QC parameters to give you a third-party opinion on the stones.

Get First Dibs

Good deals are the first ones to leave the market. Our platform works 24x7 and notifies you so that you get first dibs on new deals entering the market.

Group Discounts

We pool purchases from multiple buyers to get volume discounts for you.

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