Pricing Co-Pilot

Launching the latest version of our Co-Pilot for Diamond Trading!

Join diamond wholesalers empowering their pricing decisions by conveniently accessing information at your fingertips, ensuring an informed and efficient pricing strategy.

Market Availability Tracking

With market availability tracking, you can keep tabs on the availability of stones in each of your stone's category. System flags stones where the market matching items have changed by more than 10, and your rank in the same has moved by more than 5.

Price Changes Visualization

Interpreting the magnitude and direction of price changes for repriced stones is now a breeze. With the help of simple iconography and color codes, that have been introduced to enhance readability, you can get a quick insight of your inventory changes at a glance.

Filter Criteria Expansion Highlight

Identify stones where filter criteria have been expanded effortlessly. Hover over stones to view expanded filters, distinguishing them from stones with default filters.

Default Filter Accuracy

We've addressed issues with default filters, ensuring accurate application on market stones. Now, focus on relevant stones at first glance and expand if needed.

Multi-sort Functionality Optimization

Data fetching problems associated with multi-sort functionality have been resolved, guaranteeing a smoother experience. Enjoy seamless sorting and analysis with this optimization.

Success Story

Increasing Inventory Turn of a Large Diamond Wholesaler

Know more about how we helped a large diamond wholesaler to select the right diamonds to buy as part of a volume deal to get the best inventory turn and margin

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