Supplier FAQs

When sending diamond inventory to Liquid Diamonds, which diamond attributes does Liquid Diamonds accept and what are the alternatives for them?

This sections defines accepted diamond attributes and corresponding values for diamond inventory sent to the Liquid Diamonds platform via manual, automatic and API integration methods. This table describes all alternatives for both the attribute names and each of their values.

  • Mandatory fields are marked with a asterisk sign (*)
  • For mandatory fields, if the values provided do not pass validation then the item will not be entered into the system.
  • For non-mandatory fields, if the values provided do not pass validation, then a NULL / 0 value will be entered for the field.
  • Availability
  • Header Alternatives : Availability, Status, Available
  • Black In Center
  • Header Alternatives : Black In Center, Black In Centre, BIC, Black Center, Center Black, Centre Black, BIT, Black Table
Black In Side
Header Alternatives : Black In Side, BIS, Black Side, Side Black, Black Crown, BC
* Carat
Header Alternatives : Weight, Carats, Carat, Cts, Crt
* Certificate #
Header Alternatives : Cert #, Cert Num, Certificate Number, CertifiedId, CertiNo, Certificate #, Certificateno, Certificatenum, Certno, Report#, Reportno
Header Alternatives : City, City Location
* Clarity
Header Alternatives : Clarity, Clar, Clearity, Purity, Clr, Cla, Cla., Clar, Clarityid
* Color
Header Alternatives : Color, Colr, Colour, Col, Col., Colorid
Color Desc
Header Alternatives : Color Desc, Color Description
Header Alternatives : Country
Country Of Origin
Header Alternatives : Country Of Origin, Origin, Ro, Roughorigin
Crown Angle
Header Alternatives : Crownangle, Ca, Crangle, Crang, Cangle
Crown Height
Header Alternatives :Crownheight, Crownheightper, Ch, Crht, Crheight, Crhgt, Cheight
Culet Condition
Header Alternatives :Culet Condition
Culet Size
Header Alternatives : Culet, CuletSize, CuletGrade, Cullet, CulletGrade, Cul
Cut Grade
Header Alternatives : Cut, CutGrade, Cutgradeid
Depth %
Header Alternatives : Depth %, Depthpct, Depth percent, Dpth, Totaldepth, Totaldepthper, Dp, Depthper, Depth, D %, Td %, Depthpercentage
Header Alternatives : Eyeclean, EC
Fancy Color
Header Alternatives : FancyColor, FancyColorMainBody, FC-Main Body, FCMainBody, FC-MainBody, Fancy Color, ColorName, Fancycolorcolorname
Fancy Color Intensity
Header Alternatives : FancyColorIntensity, FCIntensity, FC-Intensity
Fancy Color Overtone
Header Alternatives : FancyColorOvertone, FancyColorOvertones, FCOvertone
Fluorescence Color
Header Alternatives : Fluor Color, FlrColor, Fluo Color, FluorColor, FluorescenceColor, Fclr
* Fluorescence Intensity
Header Alternatives : Flr, Fluor Intensity, Fluo Intensity, FlrIntensity, Fluor, Fluorescence, FlrColor, FluorIntensity, FluorescenceIntensity, Fluo,Flourescence, Flour, Flouresence, Fl, Fls, Fluorescent, Fluorescenceid
Full Shape Desc
Header Alternatives : Fullshape Desc, Fullshape Description, fullshapedescription
Header Alternatives : Girdle, Girdle Discription, Girdle Discription
Girdle %
Header Alternatives : Girdle%, Girdlepercent, Girdlepct, Girdlethicknessinpct, Girdlepercentage
Girdle Condition
Header Alternatives : Girdle Condition
Girdle Thick
Header Alternatives : Girdle Max, GirdleTo, Girdle Thick
Girdle Thin
Header Alternatives : Girdle Min, GirdleFrom
Hearts And Arrows
Header Alternatives : Hearts And Arrows, H&A, HA, Hearts & Arrows, Heart And Arrow, Heart & Arrow
Header Alternatives : Height, Measurements Depth, Measurements Height, Measheight, Total Depth mm, Totaldepthmm, Measdepth, mm3, m3
Header Alternatives : Stone Image Link, Image Link, Diamond Image, Jew Img, Sray Img, Ags Img, Mray Img, Ring Img, Light Img, Ref Img, Image, Diamond Image, Image Name1, Image Name2, Image Name3, Imagename1, Imagename2, Imagename3, Aset Images, Plotting Images Top, Plotting Images Bottom, Heart Images, Arrow Images, Imagesdi, Imagehrd, Imageidl, Imageast, Imagearo, Images, Imageb, Imagepath, Hearts Image Path, Arrows Image Path, Asset Image Path, Plot Image Link Url, Diagram Image Link Url, stoneimagelink, arrowsimagepath, arrowimages, assetimagepath, certificateimage
Key To Symbol
Header Alternatives : KeyToSymbols, Key To Symbols, Key To Symbol, Key, Ktsview, Keytosymols, keytosumbols, Keytosym
* Lab
Header Alternatives : Cert, Certification, Laboratory, CertifiedBy, Lab, Certificate